Mina kitchen furniture with black fronts exudes elegance and modern charm. Its matte surface with a fine pebble texture catches the eye and adds a unique character to the space.


    Kitchen furniture MINA

    Mina kitchen furniture with black fronts exudes elegance and modern charm. Its matte surface with a fine pebble texture catches the eye and adds a unique character to the space.

    The precisely crafted and perfectly finished black kitchen fronts create a deep contrast in the interior, giving it distinctiveness and style. Their minimalist design makes the entire room appear elegant and practical at the same time. The kitchen fronts are made of sturdy laminated board, making Mina kitchen suitable for your home, rental apartment, or even as office kitchen furniture.
    Mina kitchen furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. With a variety of cabinets and drawers that perfectly complement the black fronts, there is ample space for storage and organization of all your kitchen accessories.

    Additionally, the black edge handles give Mina kitchen a clean and minimalist look, emphasizing its modern character. Whether you prefer black granite, white marble, or cozy oak, you can choose any countertop to create an interior in your preferred style.
    Black kitchen furniture serves as an ideal backdrop for various decorative elements such as glossy utensils, modern kitchen gadgets, or colorful accents. With them, you can create different arrangements that further accentuate the style and elegance of the space.
    By choosing Mina kitchen furniture, you can easily create an interior where beauty and functionality go hand in hand, making cooking a true pleasure and aesthetics meet practicality.

    Classic Line kitchen furniture system offers the best proposition for those seeking functional solutions at an attractive price. By choosing kitchen furniture from the Classic Line system, you can effortlessly create not only a convenient space for cooking and meal preparation but also a trendy interior where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends. You will also find kitchen furniture ideal for rental apartments.

    Although our furniture is available at an affordable price, it does not mean that we compromise on quality. We prioritize solid construction, durable materials, and precise finishing, ensuring long-term satisfaction with our kitchen furniture. A selection of a dozen countertop decors, hinges, and drawers with soft-close system are just the beginning of the conveniences we have prepared for you. We believe that regardless of your budget, you deserve solid and functional solutions.

    Within the Classic Line kitchen furniture system, we offer both ready-made kitchen furniture sets and individual modules that can be combined freely. Planning and creating an original kitchen project perfectly tailored to your needs and taste will be made easier by choosing from over 40 available modules. Among the available modules, you will find cabinets for built-in household appliances, cabinets with functional cargo baskets, and wall cabinets. By choosing a kitchen from the Classic Line system, you will discover the numerous possibilities offered by modular kitchen solutions, which are the perfect choice for those looking for cost savings without compromising on convenience.

    We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of the Classic Line modular kitchen furniture system. See for yourself that a beautiful and functional kitchen can be within reach without breaking your household budget.




    • Solid and capacious metalbox drawers.
    • Gas lifts provide free access to the contents of the cabinet.
    • A wide selection of additional accessories.
    • The hinges and drawers are equipped with the soft closing system.
    • Assembly feet provide easy adjustment of the cabinet.
    • The customer can choose any worktop from 16 available decors.