Clara kitchen furniture is a refined and functional solution that impresses not only with its appearance, but also with its high quality of workmanship. Fronts made of 16mm laminated board are available in two colors: graphite gray and artisan oak, creating a harmonious and modern aesthetic.


    Kitchen furniture CLARA

    The Classic Line kitchen furniture system is dedicated to people who value aesthetics and are looking for kitchen furniture at attractive prices. This system is a proposal of ready-made sets of kitchen furniture, as well as individual blocks that can be freely combined with each other. Planning and creating an original design of your dream kitchen will facilitate the selection of cabinets from over 30 available modules. It includes standing cabinets for the installation of household appliances, standing cabinets with a functional cargo basket, and hanging cabinets with glass. By choosing a kitchen from the Classic Line system, you will see how many possibilities you gain thanks to modular kitchen systems.

    The modern Clara kitchen furniture set attracts attention with its thoughtful and unique design. The fronts of the standing cabinets are in the color of artisan oak, which is becoming more and more popular in contemporary kitchens and dining rooms. The light wood-like shade is contrasted with the dark decor of the fronts of the hanging cabinets – gray graphite. This fashionable color combination provides a bright, warm interior, perfect for spending time with family, friends or acquaintances. The whole is perfectly complemented by a gray body.

    A set of Clara kitchen furniture will make your kitchen perfectly arranged, and you will use the available space in a functional way. Hanging kitchen cabinets with a height of 72 cm or standing cabinets without a worktop, 82 cm high, will help here. The available cabinets with practical shelves or functional drawers are perfect for storing cutlery, cups or food products.

    You choose the countertop for standing cabinets individually. Our offer of countertops will allow you to choose a countertop that is perfectly matched to the color of the solids.
    The metal handles used in the Clara kitchen furniture set are durable and reliable, and allow comfortable opening of doors or drawers.
    Provide yourself with comfort and the unique pleasure of working in the kitchen. Complete the perfect kitchen development with lighting, a functional sink, a practical hood and a built-in stove.
    The exceptional durability of the materials used and the careful workmanship will make the Clara kitchen furniture set decorate your kitchen for many years.

    The proposed ready-made sets of kitchen furniture are available in three widths:
    – the 1,2 / 1,8 set includes: D80ZL, D40S / 1 P / L, W80, W40 P / L, W60OKGR cabinets
    – the 1.8 / 2.4 set includes cabinets: D80ZL, D40S / 1 P / L, D60 P / L, W80, W40 P / L, W60 P / L, W60OKGR
    – the 1.8 / 2.4 set with DK60 includes cabinets: D80ZL, D40S / 1 P / L, D60 P / L, DK60, W80, W40 P / L, W60 P / L, W60OKGR

    Clara kitchen sets are available immediately, so you can quickly and efficiently transform your ideal kitchen. If any questions or ambiguities arise, we are at your disposal. We are happy to help and dispel any doubts.

      Model Name: CLARA
      Furniture System: CLASSIC LINE
      Body Color: ASH
      Upper Cabinet Front Color: GRAPHITE GRAY
      Lower Cabinet Front Color: ARTISAN OAK
      Front Material: LAMINATED BOARD
      Body Material: LAMINATED BOARD 16 MM
      Countertop Included: NO, SOLD SEPARATELY
      Handles: METAL HANDLE
      Soft Close: YES
      Upper Cabinet Height [mm]: 360 / 720
      Upper Cabinet Depth without Fronts [mm]: 288
      Lower Cabinet Height [mm]: 820 / 2133
      Lower Cabinet Depth without Fronts [mm]: 446 / 510 / 560




    • Solid and capacious metalbox drawers.
    • Gas lifts provide free access to the contents of the cabinet.
    • A wide selection of additional accessories.
    • The hinges and drawers are equipped with the soft closing system.
    • Assembly feet provide easy adjustment of the cabinet.
    • The customer can choose any worktop from 16 available decors.