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Stolkar Furniture Factory represents over thirty years of experience in production of:

As a professional  furniture manufacturer we introduce complex solutions for developers  and interior designers. We make every effort to maintain the highest standards and unique design of our furniture.

The offer of Stolkar furniture is addressed to both individual and business customers. We are always open to new fields of cooperation. Our experts are constantly ready to provide professional and reliable advice which clears up any doubt.

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Why should you cooperate with us?

The Stolkar Furniture Factory has been dynamically operating on the international market for over 30 years, in the furniture industry. Thanks to our experience and network of contacts, we maintain a very high position compared to the competition. Our offer includes not only kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture or laundry furniture, we also make individual furniture designs to order. Our most valuable achievement is the support of our long-term clients and the constantly growing number of new ones.
We constantly focus on development, we listen to the voice of our customers and adapt our products to their needs. We make sure that our projects are in line with the current trends in the industry. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies in the production of furniture, we are very flexible, and we can implement a project for every budget.

We work with key suppliers of components that we use to produce our furniture. They are leading manufacturers of hinges, lifts and support systems, thanks to the fact that we use the highest quality components in production, the value and quality of our products increases. We cooperate with such companies as: Pfleiderer, Henkel, Rehau, Franke, Blum, Hettich.

Our advantage is having our own paint shop, which significantly improves the furniture production process. We make constant efforts to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Each stage of production is maintained in our factory, thanks to which we have constant control over the quality of our products. It also significantly speeds up the production and handling of orders.
Our rich and varied offer guarantees a wide range of products. We offer 5 leading collections, in which you can find approx. 40 different kitchen models. In addition to kitchen furniture, our assortment includes over 11 proposals for bathroom furniture in various styles. The furniture surprises with original aesthetics, usability and high quality of workmanship. With us, you will also make your dream of a functional laundry room come true, thanks to our development proposals you will organize the space in the laundry room well, and thanks to this you will gain a lot of useful space. We also carry out other projects for individual needs, we implement: furniture for wardrobe, hall, office, living room, as well as decorative furniture. We address our offer to every group of clients, everyone will find something to suit their needs and possibilities. Furthermore, we guarantee a certain date of order fulfillment.
We want our clients to develop with us. That is why we offer full support in the field of marketing, assistance in managing social channels that support sales. Support for materials in the form of content and graphics that can be used in the promotion of products. A series of supplementary trainings on the use of social media, as well as on tools supporting the service of social media. In addition to the creation of furniture, we want to be able to educate our customers in the proper care of furniture, as well as show individual stages of their creation. Our social channels feature a huge amount of tutorial and educational materials that we create with our clients in mind. Inspirational materials appear periodically on the blog, as well as on YouTube channels, and you can view our projects. We want to support our clients in their sales activities as much as possible and raise their qualifications in the field of design. Our team of designers provides full support in the field of training in the use of the PRO100 program, as well as substantive support in the field of new trends, or in the creation and planning of various arrangement projects.
We have created a dedicated panel for our business clients, where they can check the current prices of our products, download their specifications, and see the latest updates. And most importantly, place orders for the implementation of our products, thanks to this option, we maximally shorten the time of order processing, and also minimize the risk of mistakes. Additionally, the package includes access to graphic materials that can be used in online stores, furniture icons, as well as technical drawings with exact dimensions, materials with visualizations, access to product sessions and product videos.
For the needs of our clients, we are able to create unusual furniture designs. Hence? We can create furniture of individual sizes that you will not find in our catalogs, with unusual colors or patterns. Individual projects do not have to be limited only to kitchen and bathroom furniture. We are able to carry out any development project, especially when it comes to large-scale projects intended for B2B customers.
With our projects, we can support the work of interior architects and comprehensively handle even the most difficult arrangement. For the purposes of cooperation, we have prepared a special brochure in which we have included information about additional projects that we can make, including: geberit designs, decorative poles, decorative panels, wall panels and many others. Thanks to the comprehensive service of interior design projects, companies cooperating with us gain a high guarantee of product quality.

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