General Rules

  1. Wiśniewski Wojciech Fabryka Mebli Stolkar, registered in CEIDG with NIP (Tax Identification Number): 8740003040 is the administrator of the personal data.
  2. Personal data protection is performed in accordance with common laws and all the data is stored on secured servers.
  3. Precise interpretation of expressions is applied in accordance with Privacy Policy.
  4. For better reception of Privacy Policy, the term ‘user” is replaced by the expression ‘you’, and ‘administrator’ is replaced by the expression ‘we’.
  5. The term ‘GDPR’ means The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (UE) 2016/679 dated 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, which repeals Directive 95/46/EC
  6. The personal data printed in asking forms, ordering forms, contact forms and contact fields in  www sites is treated as confidential and is invisible for the persons unauthorized.

Data Administrator and Data  Processing

  1. The service provider is the  Administrator of  our clients’ data. If you have an Account on our site,  you have registered for the newsletter or/and you have expressed your optional consent visible while submitting your data, then we process your data such as: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, position, workplace, IP address, your  postal code, town/city, street name, identification of your business/firm/entity/organisation.
  2. The service provider is also the Administrator of the Data of persons listed by the contact form.
  3. All the personal Data is processed: a) according to the regulations on protection of personal data; b) in accordance with Privacy Policy applied; c) in the range and aim necessary to  sign the Contract, create the contents of the Contract, introduce alterations or terminate the contract and for proper performance of  Services, proper sale of Products rendered via the electronic means; d) in the range and aim necessary for legally justified goals, where data processing does not violate the rights or freedom of the person who the data refers to.
  4. Each person who the data refers to has the right to access the data, correct it, remove or restrict processing, the right to object and the right to complain with the supervisory authority.
  5. It is possible to contact the person responsible for supervision of personal data in the organisation of the service provider via the electronic means at e-mail:
  6. We reserve the right to process your personal data  after the termination of the Contract or  withdrawal of the consent only for the sake of redressing on judicial level or if national, UE or international regulations oblige us to perform data retention.
  7. The service provider has the right to share the data of the user, or their other data available with entities authorised with regard to particular laws (eg. law enforcement).
  8. Removal of the personal data can be the result of consent withdrawal or a a legal complaint about  processing personal data.
  9. The service provider does not make the personal data available for any other entities than the ones authorised by proper legal regulations.
  10. Personal data is processed only by persons authorised by us or by the processing units we cooperate with  which apply all the laws and regulations to processing personal data.

Cookie Files

  1. The site uses Cookie Files. Cookies are tiny text files sent by the  server www and stored by the software of the computer browser. When the browser connects to the site again, the site recognises the type of the device which the user is connecting from. Parameters enable only the server which has created them to read the information given. Cookies make it easier to surf the sites which have been observed before.
  2. The data stored refers to the IP address, the type of the browser used,  the language, the type of the operating system, the Internet provider, the day and time, location and information sent to the site with the contact form.
  3. The data collected is used for monitoring and checking how the users  exploit our sites www, to make the service function better ensuring  more effective and simpler navigation. We monitor information about the users with the Google Analytics tool, which registers behaviours of the users on the site. Cookies identify the user, thanks to which the contents of the site is adapted to the user’s needs. Due to remembering their preferences, it is possible to match advertisements and marketing information directed to the users needs. We use Cookies to guarantee the high level of comfort to our service, and the data collected is used only inside the Wiśniewski Wojciech Fabryka Mebli Stolkar in order to optimise our activity.
  4. The Cookies we use on our site are: a) „necessary” Cookies which make it possible to use services available within the offer, eg. authorising Cookies used for services which require authorisation within the offer; b) Cookies which secure the service, ie.  used for investigating  abusing the rights of authorisation within the service; c) „efficient” Cookies, which make it possible to collect information about the way the sites of the service are used; d) „functional” Cookies, which make „memorising” settings chosen by the user and personalisation of the user’s interface possible, eg. within the chosen language or region which the user comes from, the size of font, the layout of the site aso.; e) „advertising” Cookies, which enable the service to deliver advertising contents more suitable for the users’ interests (remarketing in browsers, in advertising Google network – GDN, remarketing with the use of technology of pixel codes  on Facebook and other advertising networks).
  5. The user has a possibility to switch off or reset the option of collecting Cookies by changing the settings in the Internet browser at any time. The instruction of administering Cookies is available on sites:

Additional personal data, like e-mail address, is collected only in such places where the users express their consent in the form they have filled in. The data mentioned above is saved and used only for the needs of performing a particular, necessary function.

  1. You can read more about Cookies Policy here:

Exclusion of Liability

  1. and our editors do not bear the responsibility for the advertisements placed. The buyer should be cautious  while answering to the advertisement, and/or sending money. Although we are fully aware of the significance of credibility of the advertisers, we cannot bear responsibility for their doing. Both address and details of an offer of any advertiser are  credible only at the moment of their publication.
  2. The editor is not responsible for the damage originated while using the service or consequences following. The service may refer to other Internet sites. The editor is not responsible for the way these sites function or for the contents they include.


  1. Diffusing and copying the contents of the service, partly or in full, is forbidden without previous consent.    It does not concern temporary multiplication of the contents of the service in the operating system of the computer. Copyright to the service or its particular elements and the rights to the trademark are restricted for the Editor of the service or other subjects of the service. The elements, whose author is different, have been published by licence. The editor states that, graphics and animations promoting particular materials come from producers or subjects co-operating with them. Violation of the intellectual property results with legal or liability.