Polish furniture manufacturer Stolkar

The Stolkar Furniture Factory offers excellent quality products. We are constantly developing, training and improving! We combine classic and traditional styles and modern inspirations. We deliver furniture which is designed to satisfy different needs and expectations of our customers. We use high quality materials. With us, everyone can transform the space of their kitchen, bathroom or utility-room.

We have produced kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, utility room furniture and furniture door and drawer fronts for years. Our lines consist of combinations of universal solutions, modern ideas, contemporary elegance and  timeless practicality. The variety of products makes it possible to choose pieces both at competitive prices and the more sophisticated ones, all of which represent unique design and fine durability.

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As one of the leading kitchen furniture manufacturers, we produce diverse pieces and lines, which go with both classic and modern design. A kitchen is the heart of the house, so it is worth making sure that the time we spend on preparing our meals passes in a nice atmosphere and in a beautiful space. Our customers can choose between ready, compact solutions at competitive, reasonable prices and these of premium quality, which create a custom designed space. Our kitchen furniture will revive every space and match all the other elements of the room to create a consistent design.

In the offer of the Stolkar Furniture Factory our customers will also find unique bathroom furniture lines. Precision and attention to detail distinguish our bathroom furniture. Thanks to numerous variants of colours, finishes and different dimensions, our customers can pick the right solutions to arrange every bathroom. Our products range, from bathroom cabinets to functional utility room cabinets is characterised both by excellent design and high usability.

Stolkar Furniture Factory – Polish production on world level

What distinguishes the Stolkar furniture?

Stolkar is known for producing outstanding quality door and drawer fronts. To maintain the highest standards of our furniture fronts, we use only tested components (such as varnished boards Luxe and Syncron) for their production. Door and drawer fronts offered by Stolkar are highly resistant to water, temperature and scratches. And they look beautiful!

We deliver our sectionals in safe parcels. The contents is self-assembly.  Legible instructions guarantee successful assembly to the product. Machinery park in the Stolkar factory are assembly lines produced by the leading German manufacturers, which ensure high precision to furniture production and its durability. Consequently, each and every customer of Stolkar can be sure to receive proper products both from popular lines as well as the items and sets customized for individual needs and expectations.



The furniture we produce is your ideal choice. Our furniture is accessible with over 200 of our commercial partners all over the country and in our  Stolkar Showroom in Brodnica.

We invite you to get to know the contents of our latest catalogues and to visit our partners’ shops all over the country.

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