Wall panels available in 5 patterns and 5 colours are perfect as decorative wall elements in a teenager’s room, a bed headboard in your bedroom, a TV wall or a panel behind the sofa in the living room.

If the pattern is too much for you, choose plain panels, which you will also find in 5 colours.

Installation of the panels is very simple, you do not need a professional for this. You can do the interior metamorphosis yourself in a few moments!


Treat yourself to a little sparkle in the original edition.

Small crystals combined with each other create a perfect whole, adding elegance and modernity to the interior. The Diamond pattern, maintained in current trends, will be perfect for both glamour-style interiors and modern or loft ones.
All you have to do is match the colour and Diamond will do the rest!

The panels are perfect as a TV wall, headboard of a bed or as a decorative element acting as a leitmotif for the entire interior. Remember that individual panel patterns and available colours can be freely combined with each other, thus creating a coherent interior.


Galena is called the stone of harmony, it allows you to free your thoughts, opens the mind and brings balance.

You can easily transfer all this to your interior.

All you have to do is choose the Galena panel pattern, which will connect all the elements of the room into a single, coherent interior like a guide. Use Galena to build a warm, soothing interior with an ideal relaxation and rest zone after a hard day.

Panels from the Archi Line collection are very easy to assemble. It only takes a moment to change the interior and give it a unique character.


The seemingly simple layout gives a lot of arrangement possibilities.

You can use Jasper panels to cover the entire wall or only a selected fragment, and by adding Klaro panels to the layout, you can create an original combination that will charm everyone.

The universality of the Jasper pattern makes them perfect as a TV wall or headboard in the bedroom. Depending on the color you choose, you can get a calm and delicate atmosphere in the room or give it a predatory and strong expression.

Remember that the panels perfectly match the furniture of the Archi Line collection!


Amber accumulates good energy and gives it to the environment, inspires optimism, changes the approach to the world.

Therefore, if you are looking for an arrangement that will express positive emotions, choose panels with the Amber pattern. The classic and modern line will perfectly fit into any interior and emphasize its unique character.

Amber panels can be combined vertically or horizontally, thanks to which you have a chance to get a completely different effect.

Let your imagination create your dream interior.


Universal and timeless Klaro panels are a combination of a maximally smooth surface and subdued colours that will perfectly fit into your interior.

You can use them as a modern background for the furniture of the Archi Line series by building up a TV wall, creating an original interior of a teenager’s room or arranging a separate zone for working at home.

Remember that the available colours of Archi Line perfectly harmonize with the colours of kitchen furniture that we offer. By choosing panels or Archi Line room furniture, you can easily combine the kitchen part with the living room, creating a coherent whole.

Have fun with colour and pattern. Design the interior according to your needs.