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Stolkar is a Polish company with a long tradition. Furniture by Stolkar is characterised by excellent quality, classic and modern design, the highest functional qualities at a wide range of different prices.

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For many years, we have manufactured invariably high quality products to satisfy expectations of our clients and to follow present trends.  Our furniture completely changes the feel of any room – lines of Stolkar furniture guarantee a unique interior design, both classic and modern.

Furniture manufacturer Stolkar – trust Polish experience

As a trusted Polish producer, we are constantly inspired by the newest technologies which we imply periodically. We follow the latest trends which are reflected in our constantly developing collections of furniture. We are fully aware that the choice of ideal furniture is an important decision – we offer a wide and diverse variety of sets of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and utility room furniture.

We have gained substantial experience for over three decades of our professional activity, which results in our strong and stable position on the furniture market. Consequently, our products are used in thousands of houses, flats and commercial areas – both in Poland and in Europe. We strongly believe that our key to success is top quality material and satisfaction of our customers.

We cooperate only with certified and trusted material producers.

Our creative designers and experienced professionals make unique furniture lines and pay special attention to the original layout of every kitchen, bathroom, utility room and any other space.

What makes us unique in the Polish market is owning a paint shop. We distribute our best-quality products in the shortest possible time to both domestic and foreign markets.  All elements for furniture production – from bodies to varnished doors – are manufactured in the Stolkar Factory!

Our customers are our priority – their needs, expectations and preferences are essential. We are fully engaged in cooperation with developers, interior designers, shop chains, furniture shops and showrooms, as well as individual buyers.

As one of the leading Polish producers and exporters of furniture – Stolkar Furniture Manufacturer in Brodnica – we are proud of our successes and achievements. Nevertheless, satisfaction of thousands of our customers, who have chosen furniture by Stolkar, is our best reward.

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We make every effort to provide our customers with easy access to our furniture offerings, while guaranteeing expert advice and the necessary assistance in selecting optimal solutions. In the STOLKAR showroom in Brodnica, you will find our current collections and models of bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, laundry room cabinets, wardrobes, and dressers. You can also choose household appliances that match your kitchen or bathroom and receive professional support in designing other spaces. Order transportation and installation services. Everything in one place! Comprehensive service from design to execution.

History of the company

Stolkar Furniture Factory

Stolkar Furniture Factory in Brodnica has continuously expanded professional development and experience for over three decades. Our plant was founded in 1989, and, from the very beginning, we  have produced kitchen furniture.

Owing to the highest quality of materials used, furniture by Stolkar has gained trust and appreciation of thousands of Polish and foreign customers. Stolkar Factory specializes in production of  kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, utility cabinets including exceptional door and drawer fronts.

For the past thirty years, as a result of the market expansion, our company has rationalized technology and production processes. In this way,  customers of Stolkar can count on furniture customised for individual needs.

Producer of modern and high quality furniture

Stolkar Furniture Factory has been awarded numerous prizes and diplomas. The Statue: Company of 1997, awarded by Polish Business Club,  was one of them. Excellent quality and performance of  furniture by Stolkar locate the company at the top of Polish furniture market. Our rich experience, together with our openness to the customers’ needs, have enabled us to start manufacturing  modern furniture lines, which are the best option to arrange spaces following contemporary trends. Our company also offers classic furniture which is highly popular among traditional form lovers.

At present, our company sells products all over Poland and Europe. Thanks to  modern technologies, our efficient production line – HOMAG releases self-assembly elements.

Today,  Stolkar is a contemporary company with a long tradition, which specializes in production of furniture of top quality – from simpler budget structures, to custom furniture design.

Our classic and modern furniture lines will liven up every space!



We believe that tradition and extensive experience, combined with modern technologies,  are the key to production of the highest quality furniture. Our kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture are appreciated by customers in Poland and abroad thanks to introducing modern solutions into our production processes.  Our designers create stylish and modern furniture which gives individual character to the spaces.

High precision of finishing, excellent durability and a great range of accessible designs and lines  are characteristic for the Stolkar production. In this way, Stolkar furniture offers a rich variety of interesting propositions which can create a beautiful space of a bathroom, kitchen and other interiors.

The present offer of the Stolkar Company includes, first of all, perfect kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and door and drawer fronts. Thanks to our extensive experience and the excellent quality of the materials we use, the products by Stolkar guarantee a unique feel of the space and long durability of the furniture.

We invite you to our Stolkar Showroom in Brodnica, in which we offer a possibility to design your custom furniture. Stolkar furniture is particularly characterised by very good technological data, visual beauty and practical usability.

What distinguishes the Stolkar furniture?

What distinguishes our products is the superior quality and precision. Our priority is keeping the highest standards of production and design. We constantly carry out  numerous research, participate in key events on the furniture markets and in the field of interior design. We also train our staff and raise their qualifications periodically.

We only cooperate with certified and solid deliverers of materials and components for our furniture production. Our own paint shop is the key factor which distinguishes our company on the Polish furniture market. We manufacture high quality products for the Polish and European markets and deliver them in the shortest possible time. All parts of the furniture – from bodies to varnished door and drawer fronts – are produced in the Stolkar Furniture Factory.

We deliver our sectionals in safe parcels for the simple safe-assembly. Machinery park in Stolkar comes from the leading German producers, which guarantees constant highest precision in the production process and durability of furniture. Each and every customer of Stolkar can be convinced of the quality of the product, whether it is from a big furniture line or a custom item or suit.

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We invite you to a net of over 200 of our commercial partners located all over the country – retailers like furniture stores, kitchen studios and other brick and mortar stores which have Stolkar furniture on offer.  Find the nearest shop.

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