Katrin is a combination of bold design and subtle elegance. Fronts made of foiled MDF board are not only an expressive detail, but also a unique element that gives the kitchen character. Milled geometric patterns add unique charm and classic finesse, creating a harmonious mix of modernity with a delicate retro accent.


    Kitchen furniture KATRIN

    If you’re a fan of retro style, Katrin kitchen will definitely catch your eye. The kitchen with its milled brick-colored fronts is a feast for the senses, where design meets functionality in an incredible combination.

    Katrin kitchen furniture combines modern elegance and retro style distinctiveness. The furniture fronts, made of laminated MDF board, feature beautiful milled geometric patterns that add a touch of exceptional charm and finesse to the space. Its brick color, deep and intense, gives the kitchen a fashionable yet cozy character. However, if you prefer more subdued stylings, don’t worry – Katrin kitchen furniture is also available in a shade of understated gray.

    In this kitchen, every detail is carefully thought out and executed with precision, creating a unique atmosphere that delights the senses. The brick color is both subtle and strong, capturing attention with its unique intensity. The three-dimensional surface of the fronts, combined with the matte finish, creates a visually perfect image that invites closer exploration.
    The handles are the perfect complement to this original composition. The countertops in black rock decor interestingly contrast with the brick fronts. The black, matte handles with subtly rounded shapes enhance the impression that everything in this kitchen seems perfectly matched.

    The brick kitchen exudes character, expressing a passion for cooking and enjoying time in a family atmosphere. It’s a place where flavors, aromas, and inspirations come together to create unique culinary experiences. In the Katrin kitchen, everything is meticulously planned to provide convenience and efficiency during cooking while creating an aesthetic and stylish interior.
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    Model Name: KATRIN
    Furniture System: CLASSIC LINE
    Body Color: WHITE
    Upper Cabinet Front Color: RED TUSCAN / MATTE GRAY
    Lower Cabinet Front Color: RED TUSCAN / MATTE GRAY
    Front Material: MDF FOIL 16 MM
    Body Material: LAMINATED BOARD 16 MM
    Countertop Included: NO, SOLD SEPARATELY
    Handles: METAL HANDLE
    Soft Close: YES
    Upper Cabinet Height [mm]: 360 / 720
    Upper Cabinet Depth without Fronts [mm]: 288
    Lower Cabinet Height [mm]: 820 / 2133
    Lower Cabinet Depth without Fronts [mm]: 446 / 510 / 560




    • Solid and capacious metalbox drawers.
    • Gas lifts provide free access to the contents of the cabinet.
    • A wide selection of additional accessories.
    • The hinges and drawers are equipped with the soft closing system.
    • Assembly feet provide easy adjustment of the cabinet.
    • The customer can choose any worktop from 16 available decors.