New minimalism is a style derived from Japan and we can more and more often observe it in European homes. Arrangements in a minimalist style delight not only with their appearance and modern solutions, but also with the order that prevails in them. For a long time, this style has become very popular in interior arrangements and there is no indication that it will leave us soon.

What is a minimalist interior style?

The minimalist style has recently gained a lot of supporters, these are the people who adhere to the principle of the less the better. The most important features for this style are simple forms, versatility and discretion at the same time. This is the perfect definition of order and harmony. Therefore, it will work well in both small and large kitchen spaces, apartments and houses. Arranging such interiors is not the easiest one, but that kind of a solution brings many advantages, such as easier maintenance – the fewer things, the smaller the mess. We have to put a lot of work into making sure that each accessory, color or system kitchen furniture is carefully matched to each other, so that they create a modern minimalist kitchen, and at the same time retain its full flavor. If we do not know how to arrange a kitchen space in a minimalist style, it is worth asking specialists who can help us avoid an interior faux pas. You will receive such professional help from our specialists, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Modern minimalist kitchen

Naomi is a representative of the Premium Line collection, which is our response to minimalist style arrangements. Its main characteristics are gentle lines and a geometric form. This kitchen furniture is available in 7 matt colors, which also fit in with the new minimalism with their colors, including beige, gray, classic white and black, as well as slightly bolder proposals, such as navy blue or bottle green. Raw materials such as concrete or cement will be a match for Naomi, but also natural wood, which will significantly warm the decor of your kitchen. All of those are popular in a minimalist style. It is worth mentioning that the matte boards used in the production of stolkar kitchen furniture have the Anti-Fingerprint formula, and thanks to the adsorptive properties of the laminate, it is easy to keep the kitchen furniture clean. Liquids and fats do not accumulate, there are no fingerprints on the fronts, and they are highly resistant to UV rays, scratches or chemical damage. An innovative idea that we introduce with the premiere of our new products is the possibility of combining Naomi kitchen with other premium kitchen furniture.

The simply furnished interior is nice and elegant, and additionally fits perfectly with the latest kitchen trends. If you want to see our new kitchen furniture proposals, visit our Stolkar showroom or have a look at our website.