Kitchen in a modern classic style is an incredible example of a kitchen, which never gets old. Due to the combination of everlasting classics with modern solutions, which significantly improve the functionality and work organization, we’re getting a recipe for an ideal kitchen. How can you bring the modern classic style to your kitchen?


Modern classic is basically connecting two, on the face of it, different interior trends, which connected give the effect of a very original and creative space. This style, above all, is characterized by wonderful elegance and simple forms and at the same time by the latest system solutions. Such a modern, yet minimalist kitchen will be perfect for those, who value functionality the most. The modern classic style shows that you can combine different trends and still amaze every liking. Ergonomic solutions and present-day kitchenware can make any work purely enjoyable. Even though the furniture itself is quite simple and uncompromising, it can delight at the very first sight. That kind of kitchen furniture might be associated with historical kitchen paintings in palaces or residences and nothing can stop you from having a kitchen like this in your own home.


Emily, which amazes with its classical elegance, is our interpretation of that style. The simple, milled front of the furniture has a decorative function, but also due to that, the kitchen will last you for years. The choice of adequately stylized handles will compliment the whole project. The examples of handles can be found in our kitchen catalog. The Emily kitchen comes in four colorways, which you can combine at your discretion. It’s mostly classical colors of black and white semi-mat, as well as dust gray and very popular dark bottle green.
We, as the kitchen manufacturer must create our offer in a way that it’ll allow every client to find something to their liking. Creating arrangements, which will be classically beautiful but also original and expressive isn’t a simple task. But this is what we do the best.

If you’re wondering where to buy kitchen furniture, Emily will be available in the Trend Line collection our offer very soon.