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BASIC LINE kitchen furniture

Stolkar sectional kitchen furniture is the result of extended experience in furniture production. Basic Line kitchen furniture consists of items and sets at attractive prices and of universal aesthetics. They will arrange your kitchen easily.

Basic Line laminated kitchen furniture  is offered in different colour options. Our ready-made Basic Line kitchen furniture sets  make an excellent solution to those who expect thought out ideas and fixed arrangement of furniture.  Basic Line kitchen furniture is a collection of different models to choose, easy for self-assembly. It is particularly recommended for the smaller spaces.

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You can enjoy the ready to use, economical solutions for your kitchen furniture from Stolkar today!

Basic Line sectional kitchen furniture consists of 5 models of the kitchen to choose and arrange in your space. There are 20 various kinds of kitchen cabinets for you to collect the set you prefer. Simple door and drawer fronts and countertops create a universal look of the Basic Line set. 

If your kitchen is tiny, it is worth choosing furniture in white or light colours!

Basic Line represents, first of all, functionality at a reasonable price thanks to which your kitchen will become a nice and cosy place. Basic Line kitchen furniture  is made of solid, lasting materials. Basic Line kitchen will inspire you to enjoy preparing your everyday meals.

Basic Line kitchen furniture is the economical and functional solution for your home


In the offer of Stolkar you will find ready solutions of excellent quality and interesting design. Our kitchen furniture systems make an attractive choice on every budget.

Find our furniture in your area or contact our Stolkar Showroom in Brodnica!

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