Can classic kitchen colors be replaced with a different color? Our answer is YES! Although sage green has been discreetly appearing in arrangements for several years, it is this season that let us observe real sage madness. Sage green rises to the heights of popularity and conquers the market as we speak!

Sage green kitchen – which style is it?

The sage color can fit into group of pastel colors. It is a subtle and balanced combination of gray, green and a bit of blue with lots of white. Due to its color referring to nature, it carries a natural harmony, which is very important in our homes. It will surely delight all lovers of gentle arrangements, who value home warmth and peace. This color is the perfect showcase for the “slow life” trend, which has recently become extremely fashionable. Kitchen arrangement is never an easy task, therefore, as a kitchen furniture manufacturer, we rush to help our customers. If you have doubts about the appearance of your kitchen design or what color or stylistic combination to use in your arrangement, our specialists from the kitchen furniture showroom will help dispel your doubts and answer all your questions. Choosing fronts of kitchen cabinets varnished in the color of sage green, gives a wide range of arrangement options. Depending on the selection of appropriate accessories, such as the color of the handles or their type, we can design your dream kitchen in various styles. If you are a lover of rustic or English style kitchen, golden or silver handles will be a good company for your sage green lacquered kitchen furniture. This type of green will also look great in a combination with white or natural wood and will be an excellent alternative to the mint color, which was popular in recent seasons.

What are the charcteristics of Grace?

Our response to the biggest color hit of this season is the Grace kitchen. This kitchen furniture design is characterized by a beautiful, grooved pattern that refers to retro kitchen furniture. Grace will be offered in colors referring to the colors of the earth, including grays, creams, beiges and browns. For those who like unusual color solutions, we have prepared bold options such as black, navy blue or bottle green. The flagship color for Grace is sage green. This shade of green will look great combined with white or natural wood and will also be a great alternative to the popular in recent seasons mint. All available colors are available in a matte finish, and the colors can be freely combined according to your preferences.

The Grace kitchen will be available in our furniture catalogs very soon. This is the first, new representative of the Premium Line collection.