We’re facing another year of a very strong matte kitchen fronts trend. This is a very popular solution, which has found many enthusiasts. Matte furniture fronts look great with most of the arrangements and can compliment any room or space.


Matte kitchen furniture is still fighting for its place in our homes head to head with lacquered kitchens, leaving us with the everlasting dilemma: which one should we choose? This is a timeless solution, which, also today, is widely popular. To meet our clients’ needs, we’ve decided to create a Trendline system kitchen, just for the fans of noble mattes. We’ve been finding inspiration for our MAX kitchen everywhere we went. One of them were the matte coatings of cars, which made us go WOW and that we just couldn’t stop staring at. This is the effect we wanted to achieve with our kitchen furniture offer. Another inspiration was make-up, which is associated with modesty and naturality, adding elegance to the whole creation. Mattes are also the velour or velvet fabrics, which are the definition of nobility, and its facture is timeless and universal. All of those characteristics can find its reflection in our matte fronts designed for the MAX kitchen.


MAX kitchen is, above all, bold matte fronts, which are a perfect fit to any kind of arrangement. The minimalistic and universal character of the furniture is timeless, meaning, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years. You should look at the acrylic furniture plate, which is the base of the kitchen fronts. When designing our MAX kitchen, we’ve decided to use matte plates with the anti-fingerprint formula, and thanks to adsorptive properties of laminate, it’s incredibly easy to keep the furniture clean. Fluids and oils don’t stay on the surface, fingerprints don’t stay on the fronts and at the same time, the fronts are UV-proof, scratch resistant and refractory to chemical damage. Additionally, the furniture plate has an antibacterial coating, which was enriched in silver ions, so it’s safe with food and at the same time, inhibits the growth of bacteria. This proposition will be available in seven colors: white, gray, light beige, black, granite, navy and bottle green. The choice of the adequate accessories, such as handles, or kitchen appliances will be a great complementation of the whole project.

Kitchen MAX can be found in our newest furniture catalogs, very soon.