Cleaning made easy

For many people, the biggest advantage of suspended bathroom cabinets would be easier cleaning and reaching inaccessible places. Furniture that does not touch the floor allows easy cleaning around and under the cupboards. Compared to the cabinets traditionally placed on the floor, this furniture does not have tight spaces where dust and dirt could accumulate and hide. This means that we do not have to bend down to clean the substrate, and instead we can simply use a vacuum cleaner or a mop.


Hanging furniture is a great solution for smaller bathrooms. As they do not have a massive base, they usually do not take up as much space as in the case of traditional cabinets. You can hang them next to other devices without creating a feeling of overwhelming. This type of bathroom furniture will also provide the illusion of increased space as they take up empty spaces on the wall and not on the floor.

Adaptation to your needs

Fittings or bathroom furniture that are placed on legs or plinths will always have the same height and, although there are personalized versions that will be more suitable for selected groups or people, such solutions are typically much more expensive and less accessible. The vertical position of the hanging furniture in the bathroom can be easily adjusted according to the needs, which means that they will be suitable for people of various heights. Such furniture can also be a bull’s eye in the case of children – nothing prevents you from hanging such a cabinet higher after a few years, when the child grows up.


Many people considering buying bathroom cabinets wonder if wall mounted cabinets can support the same weight as their floor standing counterparts. It should be remembered that a lot depends primarily on the quality of the furniture itself and its performance. The correct and reliable installation will also have an impact, so it is important to choose the right specialist.

Style and design

Hanging bathroom furniture is often seen as very stylish and futuristic. They appear very often in modern designs, while their standing versions can be found rather in retro or glamour inspirations. This does not mean, however, that when choosing a more traditional style, you have to let go of hanging furniture – usually the appearance of such cabinets is universal enough that they will find their place in various arrangements and spaces and will match the overall decor.

What should you remember when deciding on hanging bathroom cabinets?
If you want to equip your bathroom with suspended cabinets, you need to remember a few very significant points. First, the preparation of the walls. They must not only be simple, but also extremely strong and stable. This also applies to tiles or other materials with which they will hang furniture or fittings. By emphasizing a perfect finish, a number of problems can be avoided.