The kitchen is a place where we spend our time every day. It is therefore logical that kitchen furniture should be functional and meet our personal expectations regarding its use. Modern kitchen furniture is constantly popular – but what really characterizes modern forms of kitchen furniture?


Although more and more often modern kitchens are characterized by quite a bold design, minimalism is the most characteristic feature of modern kitchen furniture. This kind of furniture are very elegant and usually do not have unnecessary accessories (including handles – modern kitchens are usually handle-free). Another distinguishing feature is the geometric forms and acute angles. You should not expect strictly decorative elements – modern furniture is typically one-color, which creates a “neat look”. Design is often enhanced by the use of less obvious materials, such as steel or glass.


A modern kitchen is one that is made especially for you and your family. The number and height of kitchen users, their lifestyle, culinary and utility habits, as well as their tastes should be taken into account here. To personalize the kitchen to your own needs, you can use, for example, high built-in cabinets or personalized fittings for cabinets. If you are in the process of designing your modern kitchen, it is worth considering kitchen furniture to measure, which will greatly facilitate the process of adapting the kitchen to your individual needs.


A functional and ergonomic kitchen is, in short, arranged in such a way that the preparation of meals in it is as convenient as possible. The technological sequence should also be preserved – furniture and household appliances should not be arranged randomly, and everything should be planned not only horizontally, but also vertically.
The functionality of the kitchen can be increased by using various types of drawers for more convenient storage of kitchen appliances and accessories. An example of this may be cargo baskets of various sizes and widths, kidney type corner pull-out drawers or spare pillars. Different drawers can be opened with a foot or by pressing the front for convenience.


Recently, more attention has been paid to the type of light used. Properly selected, stylish lighting will complement any kitchen and give it a more sophisticated look, and may also emphasize the best elements of the kitchen arrangement.
A good way to create a more exquisite look is to use several light sources. The main light, i.e., a ceiling lamp, should have a neutral color, while additional lighting, e.g., wall lamps, or the illumination of the eaves, countertops, hanging cabinets, may have a cooler, even bluesy color, for a more modern look.

If you need help in designing your dream, modern kitchen, please contact us! Our designers from the Stolkar showroom will be happy to help you create a kitchen especially for you and your family, taking into account your needs and preferences.