If you are planning to design or renovate a bathroom, you are certainly aware that it is a very specific room that requires thoughtful and reliable solutions.

What do you need to remember when choosing bathroom fronts?

Bathroom furniture, due to the humidity present in the room and frequent temperature changes (and high temperatures above all), should be waterproof and protected against fungus and mould, and the surface of the fronts should be properly finished.

Why is the choice of the right fronts for bathroom furniture so important?

Fronts, despite their function of pleasing the eye and visual aspects, should above all be durable, because they are most exposed to harmful factors, such as moisture or high temperature.

Which fronts are suitable for the bathroom?

The best choice will be to put on fronts made of MDF. The MDF board will turn out to be irreplaceable, due to its thickness and board protection.

MDF boards are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

In the case of arranging a large bathroom or bathing rooms, you can bet on beautiful milled fronts or bolder colours – fashionable colours such as bottle-green, dark graphite or deep black will not be a problem here.

In the case of small bathrooms, we recommend choosing smooth fronts in light colours. Colours such as white, beige or light shades of gray will make the bathroom seem much more spacious than it really is. This effect can be intensified by choosing glossy fronts.

Bathroom fronts must be selected in terms of durability and functionality, but it is also worth paying attention to their finish and colour. Bearing in mind the above information, finding the perfect fronts for your bathroom will not be a problem.