Classic kitchen is all about beautiful fronts, often with grooves that are captivating on their own. In classic kitchens, the design itself is often a decoration – besides the aforementioned grooves, you will also find glass inserts, decorative handles, and kitchen islands. So, what accessories should you choose to enhance, not detract from a classic kitchen?

Go for nature!

A classic kitchen is, by nature, a cozy and warm space. The dominant colors of the fronts are primarily white and ecru, often combined with wood. Such a kitchen will be complemented by any flowers in vases or pots, as well as beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables. For a more rustic touch, you can opt for hanging garlic or dried fruits, vegetables, or herbs – but be careful to maintain balance. In a classic kitchen, you can never have too many fresh herbs. Not only will they give your kitchen a unique fragrance and a homely character, but you can also match herb containers to the wooden countertop or the color and style of the handles.

Chairs as an addition? Why not!

In a classic kitchen, chairs can serve an aesthetic purpose. You can invest in barstools placed at the kitchen island. Such chairs can match the color of the countertop, fronts, or accessories. Another solution would be a dining table complemented with ornate chairs. If the kitchen is not large enough for a dining table, it’s worth arranging a corner with a small round table and two chairs. In each of these options, the chairs can be decorated with cushions or throws to create a warmer, homier atmosphere.

Wall tiles

If you don’t want to go overboard with accessories on the countertops, you can add an interesting accent by using wall panels or tiles. This will make the kitchen look well-kept, and any dirt between the cabinets will be much easier to clean. In a classic kitchen, it’s a good idea to choose panels or tiles that match the color scheme of the fronts or smaller tiles with a delicate pattern.

A classic kitchen doesn’t require a large number of accessories, but they can help give your kitchen more character and make spending time in it even more enjoyable.