Custom-made kitchen furniture has many advantages. Although such a solution is still considered a luxury, more and more people are choosing this type of kitchen furniture when arranging their kitchen. Why? A custom-made kitchen is definitely more expensive than the ready-made kitchen sets, but the higher price is followed by much wider arrangement possibilities and more.

Foremost – you can adjust furniture to size, needs and expectations of you and your loved ones! Such a kitchen will be designed from start to finish with you in mind. The designer will take into account your lifestyle, height, and habits, as well as any requests and arrangement whims.
How does it look like?
If you like to cook, you can increase the surface of the worktop and install modern fittings that facilitate the use and the storage of kitchen utensils. However, if you are just a collector of nice cups, who mainly throws pizza parties with friends in the kitchen – then you can put on glass fronts, and mount a kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. You choose every aspect of the construction here.

For owners of small kitchens, a good designer can be a salvation! In a small space, thanks to a well-designed custom-made kitchen, you will be able to use every available centimetre and build in every gap or recess. This will allow you to get the impression of a clean, larger than reality interior. When designing a small kitchen room, you should also pay attention to the choice of colours and materials.

Custom-made kitchen furniture also allows you to build in all household appliances. Thanks to this, behind the fronts of the cabinets, you can hide such appliances as a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, and even a washing machine. This will allow you to maintain the harmony of the interior and maintain the selected style of kitchen development, and at the same time allow easy access to the built-in appliances.

The most important thing – custom-made furniture is made individually – that is, each part is created especially for you. This translates into a lower probability of error in production, refinement of details and, above all, emphasis on the high quality of each element. Custom-made kitchens are characterized by high functionality, comfort of use and durability, thanks to which they serve their owners much longer than ready-made sets of kitchen furniture.