Shelves in corner cabinets

Perhaps they cannot be classified as modern solutions, but they are often worth considering – ordinary shelves in corner cabinets may definitely be a suitable solution for some people.
This solution is typically the best in terms of storage space. Without additional rails, guides or baskets, the storage space may not be the easiest to use, but it is certainly roomy. Another advantage is its price, which is surely lower than the following items.

Rotating shelves or baskets

Rotary shelves or baskets are already the standard of choice for corner cabinets. All systems (½, ¾, 4/4) give convenient access to stored things, much more convenient than ordinary shelves. Cabinets with the so-called carousels are very often equipped with folding doors, and we can choose from full shelves, shelves with stops, shelves with non-slip mats and all kinds of baskets. The choice of the type of shelf should depend on individual needs and the intended use of the corner cabinet.

Extendable cabinets to the outside

Pull-out cabinets are a solution very similar to carousel cabinets. They slide out independently of one another in the form-adapted movement that the shelf makes when it is extended. Such a system significantly increases the functionality of the cabinet, allows for greater use of space as well as a convenient and easy access to all stored dishes or accessories.

Cargo shelves

Another convenient system for a corner cabinet are cargo baskets. A set of two interconnected shelves with cargo baskets is a very popular solution (there are also systems that have baskets that slide out independently of each other) – then the shelves slide out completely outside the cabinet, which makes it very easy to access the stored dishes. These are extremely functional, high-standard solutions, but also one of the most expensive.

A drawer for a corner cabinet

Another solution is modern corner drawer systems. This solution has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a simple but effective solution, but a large part of the space remains unused. Nevertheless, these cabinets look very aesthetic and are characterized by the functionality of ordinary drawers. Drawers come in many sizes and can be adapted to our individual needs, and modern pull-out systems ensure high comfort of use.

Corner sink

Many people also decide to place a sink in the corner of their kitchen furniture. In this case, the corner cabinet will be mainly used for a siphon and water supply. If you choose such a solution, you can add baskets to the corner cabinet or put a shelf for detergents. This way, you won’t spend another cabinet putting a basket or storing cleaning accessories and everything will have its place, but keeping a cabinet like this clean and neat may prove to be a bit more difficult.