You have to remember that the renovation of kitchen is not only about refreshing the appearance of the room or changing the arrangement. Such an undertaking should primarily involve improving the functionality and ergonomics of your kitchen. Not everyone is aware of it, but the renovation of a kitchen is often more difficult and time-consuming than arranging an interior “from scratch”. For this reason, it is worth and convenient to cooperate with a designer who will professionally take care of details and design a functional kitchen that meets new requirements. Such a designer can easily take into account existing installations.

It becomes clear that renovating a kitchen is a real challenge. How to prepare for a kitchen renovation and where to start? We have prepared 10 steps for you that will certainly improve this process.

Step 1 – at the beginning you should prepare a design and for your new kitchen – this way it will be easier to plan everything. Such a project can be done by yourself or commissioned by professionals.
Step 2 – Plan and purchase all necessary elements, materials, and tools. It is the purchase of all the necessary elements and materials as well as the tools necessary for implementation.
Tip: If you do not have enough space in your apartment to store all these items, buy them as the renovation progresses.
Step 3 – prepare your kitchen for renovation (depending on your needs and plan) – remove all furniture and flooring, clean walls and secure pipes or gas connections.
Step 4 – ceiling and wall works – this includes painting, wallpapering or installing wall tiles.
Step 5 – the floor (if you are renovating it) – in this case, of course, there are several options such as floor tiles, panels, PVC flooring, vinyl panels or panels for underfloor heating.
Step 6 – assemble the furniture – purchased sets of kitchen furniture should be assembled according to the instructions. You should start with the hanging cabinets. This will make your work easier, and at the same time drilling dust or sawdust will not fall on the kitchen furniture below.
Tip: Already at the assembly stage, remember about the hole in the countertop for the sink, or the placement of built-in household appliances.
Step 7 – put all kitchen faucets, sinks and other appliances in their place. Pay attention to a proper seal.
Step 8 – install the lamps – you have to remember that where and what kind of light sources you will have in your new kitchen should be planned at the planning stage.
Step 9 – placing the rest of the equipment and accessories – It is a good idea to make sure that all kettles, coffee makers, stands, food processors and any other accessories go to their place at once.
Step 10 – clean up after renovation and enjoy your new kitchen.

It does not matter if you are planning only a cosmetic refreshment of the kitchen or a large, general renovation. It is worthwhile to carefully consider and plan individual elements, materials, and activities – this will allow a faster completion of work and reduce the possibility of problems. If you have any questions or need help in the field of kitchen design, contact the specialists and designers at Furniture Manufacture Stolkar.