A navy blue kitchen often raises many arrangement doubts. After all, it is a dark, hard to beat colour. Nothing more wrong! The navy blue colour in the kitchen is the essence of elegance! Read the tips below and see how you can beautifully arrange a navy blue kitchen.

Combine navy blue kitchen with wood!

Navy blue, as it is quite a dark colour and strongly accentuates the room, will look great broken with a lighter colour. Navy blue goes well with shades of grey, white or ecru. However, you have to be careful, because the kitchen in the colours of navy blue and white is an indicator of the sailor style, which is not always what we want to have in our kitchen. If you combine navy blue with wooden elements and accessories, you will give this arrangement nobility. Choose dark wood if you want to add class and elegance to your kitchen, and choose light wood if you want a modern kitchen in a minimalist style.

What worktop to choose for a navy blue kitchen?

People who decide on a navy blue kitchen often wonder – what worktop will match the navy blue cabinets?
Well, it depends on what style you want to decorate your navy blue kitchen.
If you want to arrange your kitchen in an elegant yet modern style, then choose a marble or white kitchen worktop. If your interior is closer to a traditional, cosy style, it will perfectly match the wooden top. If you want to bet on minimalism and a very characteristic room, then a navy blue set with black, steel or granite.

Navy blue in an open-plan kitchen!

Navy blue will look best in spacious interiors – so it will be perfect for kitchens open to the living room. A large space makes it possible to introduce such a strong colour as navy blue in such proportions that the interior will look harmonious. Navy blue cabinets will be a safe base – you can later add additional elements such as living room accessories or a kitchen island.