Arranging a kitchen in such a way that it is functional for adults and at the same time safe for children is a challenge faced by many families. Children, fascinated by their parents, often want to imitate them – hence, children often choose rooms such as the kitchen to play or discover new nooks and crannies.
How to make these moments as safe as possible?

Keep fire and water out of the reach of children.

A gas stove, due to fire and gas, can be a source of many dangerous situations. It is therefore worth focusing on alternative solutions. We choose the so-called flameless gas cookers, which, thanks to catalytic combustion, generate energy without the use of an open flame. An induction hob will also be a safe solution.
As for the water, the sink itself is usually at such a height that it will be difficult for children to spill water. However, it is worth investing in a thermostatic spout that will protect children (and not only them) from the possibility of being scalded by water.

Secure cupboards and drawers.

In the kitchen drawers and cabinets, various items are stored that can be potentially dangerous for the youngest members of the family. Cutlery, heavy pots and glass accessories should be out of the reach of children. What’s the easiest way to ensure this? Buy special locks put directly on the kitchen fronts. It is also worth thinking about guides and brakes in drawers, thanks to which if a child manages to open a cabinet or drawer, he will not catch his fingers.

Keep kitchen appliances out of the reach of children.

Household appliances should, above all, be out of reach of the smallest, curious hands. However, it is worth paying attention to the additional possible security features. Choose devices that have factory-built locks, or one that is controlled by a remote control or smartphone. Also pay attention to the height of your electrical outlets. If they are within reach of children, a small child could drop heavy equipment on themselves by pulling on the cable.

Appropriate kitchen design.

If you are in the process of designing your kitchen or its renovation – ask the designer for solutions that are safe for children. Build in gas or water valves and make sure that the kitchen furniture does not have gaps and spaces where a child could get stuck. Rounded edges will save a few painful bumps, and built-in appliances with hidden cables will make these appliances much less tempting for the smallest explorers.