Kitchen is the place for preparing your meals, as well as for everyday meetings with our friends and family. How should we organize our kitchen space so everyone could comfortably spend their time there? The answer for this question is simple: kitchen island. Its functionality won over the lovers of modern design a long long time ago.


Kitchen arrangements containing a kitchen island are as popular as ever. Kitchen furniture with a kitchen island can change the kitchen’s look, allowing a new set of possibilities and activities to come into this space. The kitchen island is an element of interior equipment, which becomes the meeting place in the house. It often functions as a working table, which can be equipped with a sink and a heating plate. Having an island in the kitchen big enough allows to create a space, where two or more people can do different activities, but together. Your child asks you to help them with their homework but you have to prepare a diner? No worries! Kitchen island will be the perfect solution!


The advantage of this kind of furniture is the possibility of maximizing its potential. Many people decide to have them instead of a traditional kitchen table. Kitchen island as a table is a practical solution, which allows you to have your meals in a comfortable atmosphere, as well as to take advantage of additional space on the island itself. Most of the kitchen islands are equipped with a system of drawers and cupboards, where you can keep your kitchen appliances and accessories or your tableware. Everything is in its place, and at the same time, right under your hand!
Another advantage of kitchen islands is the option to use them as a connection between a kitchen and a living room. In that case, you can design fashionable open space type interiors, which connect working space with the relaxing one.

The more space in your kitchen, the better for the island! A set of furniture with an island is a strong accent, which could dominate and encumber the interior design if you don’t have enough space. If not having enough space is the case, you might want to reconsider a set of kitchen furniture with a kitchen table instead of a traditional kitchen island.

Island for a kitchen composed into an interior can look great and be an important, functional element. In Stolkar’s offer you may find inspiration for composing a set of kitchen furniture with a practical kitchen island.