Today we reveal the secret of where our kitchen inspirations come from.
It is said that nothing comes out of air. No thing can come into being without outside influence, out of nothing. Because how could it be the other way around, when we are surrounded by the whole great world and other people, animals and nature in it. You just have to stop for a moment and open your eyes a little wider to see beauty, color and shape. Similarly – just close your eyes to get to feel the same world with different senses.
Give it a try! Pause for a moment, close your eyes, slow your breathing down.
Strawberries. Do you see them in your imagination? Red, juicy.
Now remember their sweet taste.
Can you smell them?
This is exactly what it is about!
In the process of creating furniture, we take turns opening and closing our eyes. We watch, touch, taste, feel. We are fully aware of the world around us, which has so much to offer.
The truth is, sometimes our ideas come out of the blue. Or better – from heaven. It’s one of those warm summer days that you spend in the garden eating blueberries, watching the clouds roll over your head. You, summer, blueberries, and the sky. What if this image was to be moved inside? It is due to this inspiration that you can have a bit of heaven in your own kitchen. You can feel like you are in heaven every day. Great thing!

Staying in the summer climate, how about swimming in the ocean? Look at the space in front of you, the endless horizon. Feel the scent in your nostrils, feel the particles of water floating in the air and falling on your face.

Freedom and unlimited possibilities. So little and so much at the same time. Now imagine that you can feel the SAME without leaving your home, without traveling thousands of kilometers. We can do this for you, you know?

Our home should be a place that brings rest and relaxation after each day. The kitchen, on the other hand, is the space where we spend the most time and that is why we want you to feel good and at ease in it. The multitude of stimuli from the outside world means that sometimes we need silence or simply a place where we can collect our unstructured thoughts. This is what the Zoya kitchen and Luxe kitchen is inspired by. Bright, subdued colors in combination with the smooth surface of the foiled fronts do not tire the eyes and give them relief. Thanks to the lightness of the composition, the furniture will perfectly fit into an interior open to the living room. Now there is nothing else to do but make yourself a cup of tea and sit in a comfortable armchair with your favorite book, looking out the window at the autumn rain.

Everything that surrounds us can become an inspiration. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can give our clients what they need most. It is not difficult to create furniture. The trick is to create furniture tailored to your expectations, needs and dreams. And that’s what we do!