Minimalistic kitchen, without any additives or cuddled like an old highlander cottage? Or maybe English or rustic kitchen style, with a braid of garlic? Our tastes, preferences and, of course, budget will decide which style of the kitchen to choose. The most important thing is that we like the interior, but that it is also comfortable to use and practical.

Industrial kitchen

Simple forms of cabinets, elegance, and above all, no unnecessary things – this is how you can briefly describe a modern, industrial kitchen, which will resemble a sterile laboratory rather than a grandma’s pantry. It is dominated by simple blocks with glass, illuminated shelves, veneered or wooden. Low furniture with a simple form is the best choice for such interiors. Furniture in this style is usually made of light wood and combined with steel elements. The walls feature steel or glass elements, or bare bricks, often painted with white paint. Shades of gray, black, beige and brown dominate in such a kitchen. We find here a steel hood and metal, movable cabinets. Minimalism is an important feature of this style.

Rustic kitchen

Among traditional cuisines, a rustic style stands out, which is to remind us of rural interiors – so if you are a fan of cozy, homely places, this place will be for you! We will not find simple lumps, steel and concrete here, but clay jugs, mortars, suspended braids of garlic or onions will reign supreme. In this kitchen belong all accessories, crap and knick-knacks placed on shelves and shelves. There are lace napkins on the table, and decorative curtains in the windows. Warmth is added by wooden furniture with slats, cornices and fittings. Openwork cabinets, stained-glass windows and a large table and chairs obligatory. Furniture in this style is most often painted, rubbed, leached or stained. Often, cabinets or shelves are built in. The tops are most often made of wood or tiles, but also of marble or stone conglomerates. Household appliances stylized as old-fashioned will be perfect here, and accessories such as an old wall clock or idyllic paintings will add charm to the interior.

English kitchen

The most important feature of the English-style kitchen are white, aquamarine and vanilla cabinets with delicately milled fronts. The furniture should be finished with massive slats, and the tops should be made of natural materials, i.e. hard types of wood, waxed or varnished, but also all kinds of stone tops, preferably in dark shades. In such a kitchen, a kitchen island and glass, heavy sideboards are often placed. Old-style items are materials that will perfectly complement English kitchen. However, we must not forget that a kitchen in this style should be simple and not overloaded with accessories, but at the same time also non-minimalist. This style is best suited for large rooms.

Scandinavian kitchen

A characteristic feature of this style of kitchen is bright, usually white furniture. Cabinets should be simple, unadorned, even ascetic, but also elegant and practical. There will be no openwork fronts or decorative strips. The floor in such a kitchen should be wooden, often whitewashed, and the walls white, beige or ecru. This cool kitchen can be enlivened by adding colorful, warmer accents. This procedure can be achieved by adding decorative accessories, ceramics, colored glass or stone. It is an elegant, simple but comfortable kitchen. It should not be overloaded with knick-knacks, as in the case of a rustic kitchen. There is no room for mess, excess or unnecessary things, and instead of rich curtains or curtains, a cotton roller blind or a blind is enough in this style.

Which style we choose is an individual matter – but it is worth considering which will meet our visual and functional expectations, and whether we will be able to maintain such a kitchen in a given style.