The bathroom is one of the most demanding rooms in our home – it is often hot and humid. Therefore, already at the design or renovation stage, it is worth learning about the ways that will make bathroom furniture enjoy the eye for years. It is worth taking care of bathroom furniture from the very beginning, it is not worth postponing it to the last minute, because it may turn out that the problem will be at a very advanced stage, and in such a situation there are not many options to be rescued.


This is the most important aspect to start with. Each piece of furniture, whether bought in a store or made-to-measure by a carpenter, has a specific method of operation and maintenance. Most often, the recommendations are included in the label attached to the furniture. In it, we can find tips on the method of maintenance and information on products that should be used to clean the surface of the furniture. But beware: furniture bought in a store usually has a protective layer applied to it, which is why it is so important to use only the products recommended by the manufacturer. If we do not follow the instructions, we can quickly damage the protective coating and thus expose the furniture to faster destruction. If the furniture is typically tailored to the size of our bathroom, the carpenter should provide us with basic information on cleaning and maintenance. A bathroom sink cabinet or a post, which are combined with modern handles or metal accessories, can beautifully give expression to a simple bathroom. Unfortunately, materials that are not properly protected will absorb water and will swell and crack in the long run, and corrosion may appear on metal parts. Wooden furniture saturated with water is a great environment for the development of fungi and mold, which in turn have a very negative effect on our health. That is why it is so important to take care of bathroom furniture from the very beginning.


The method of impregnation of bathroom furniture is selected on the basis of the material from which it is made and the effect we want to achieve. In the case of raw wood, oiling is the easiest way. For this treatment, all you need is a brush and impregnating oil, which is available in every DIY store. Apply a small layer of oil twice, with an interval of several dozen minutes. The oil will make the surface less likely to absorb water. Another method of protecting bathroom furniture is by varnishing it or painting it with a special, waterproof wood paint. This simple action will make it possible not only to effectively protect the furniture against moisture, but also to visually refresh it.


Another important factor for our bathroom furniture is proper ventilation of the room in which the furniture is located. If the bathroom has windows, it is worth opening them after each bath or shower. If there is no window in the bathroom, remember to open the door so that the collected water vapor can escape freely. If, despite the above-mentioned treatments, you still feel moisture in the bathroom, it is a good idea to buy a moisture absorber that will simply absorb excess moisture. Another option is to use an electric fan mounted in the ventilation shaft. Most of the models available on the market activate automatically when a certain level of humidity in the room is reached. It is a very convenient solution.

Stains and Puddles

You cannot forget about the most basic method of taking care of bathroom furniture, that is, wiping off the stains and stains on a regular basis. Leaving a puddle on the wooden floor after bathing or not wiping the cupboard with water splashed after washing your hands may lead to faster degradation of the material from which our furniture is made. If the situation repeats itself frequently, it may very quickly turn out that our bathroom furniture is damaged. Therefore, after finishing a shower or bath, it is worth drying yourself with a towel while still in the shower or standing in the bathtub. Thanks to this, we will not distribute water throughout the bathroom. Similarly, when it comes to wiping your hair after washing it, it’s a good idea to wrap your hair in a towel as soon as you get out of the shower or bathtub. And if splashing water from the bathroom sink is a problem, it is worth investing in an aerator mounted at the end of the bathroom sink faucet. The aerator is designed to adequately aerate the water, and thus reduce the width of its stream.

Bathroom furniture can serve us for years, as long as we take care of it. Therefore, it is worth planning a specific method of operation at the very beginning, thanks to which we will avoid disappointment, and our bathroom will be clean, elegant and well-kept for a long time.