A kitchen in a vintage, classic or retro style is a room with a “soul”. Such kitchens are now very fashionable abroad, but also in our country this trend is being noticed more and more often. Each kitchen can be used to arrange a cosy room thanks to the game of appropriate accessories and accents, but you have to be careful not to overdo it.

How to create such a kitchen with a “soul” so as not to clutter its worktops too much?
The most important thing is to choose accessories in our favourite colours, and add brass, gold and wood accents that will warm up the atmosphere in the kitchen. Examples of accessories you can opt for include napkin holders, a clock, food containers, candlesticks or sumptuous cutting boards or fruit bowls.

If we do not like unnecessary trinkets on the worktops, it is enough that the most necessary kitchen accessories can be found in the right colours and style. Even a coffee machine or a kettle can be a great idea to emphasize such a style in our kitchen or even a sink, which we can also choose for our favourite style. Do not be afraid to choose accessories that will be combined mainly with each other, and not necessarily with the entire kitchen.

In the period from spring to autumn, we can enrich our kitchen with a flower vase, which will be the main decoration. Let us remember that thanks to flowers, we will create a completely new arrangement of the kitchen each time, also emphasizing its seasonality, e.g. tulips will reign in spring, peonies in summer, and dahlias in autumn. In winter, instead of living flowers, put a picture on the worktop – this trend is becoming more and more fashionable in Scandinavian countries and I also decided to introduce it at home, which really works – the room immediately seems much more cosy. Remember that the kitchen is also the perfect place to introduce your favourite style in it in line with the rest of the rooms.