A micro kitchen is a huge arrangement challenge! In this case, you need to take care of the proper use of all available space so that the kitchen is not only aesthetic, but above all functional. Read a few proven solutions, thanks to which even a very small kitchen will meet your expectations regarding the convenience of use and design.

Plan the arrangement of household appliances

To accurately plan the arrangement of household appliances and necessary kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, sink or oven, you must carefully measure the entire room and, importantly, mark where electrical sockets, pipes and radiators are located.

To save space, there are a few handy tricks and alternatives:

– Underfloor heating in the kitchen. That way, the radiators will not take up the valuable space, and kitchen planning will be much easier.
– Choose the corner location of the sink to increase the space for the worktop, at the same time using a difficult-to-arrange place – the corner of the work top.
– Choose appliances smaller than the standard size. Instead of a 4-burner hob, choose the option with just 2, and replace the large fridge with its 90-litre under-counter version.
– Build the kitchen up to the ceiling! Thanks to this, you will gain a lot of additional space to store the necessary kitchen utensils. In this case, it is worth focusing on bright, delicate fronts that will not overwhelm a small room.
– Smart solutions – to increase the ergonomics of the room, it is worth investing in fittings such as kidney baskets, cargo baskets and more drawers. Another trick that is very practical to use is to equip the furniture with retractable tops that can be used as an additional worktop or table.
– Keep the kitchen in bright colours – it will make the room seem optically larger and more spacious.

Thanks to these solutions, even a very small and problematic kitchen will become a pleasing to the eye, highly functional and ergonomic room.