Nowadays, designing a kitchen without a window is no longer a problem for designers! There are many tricks that will help bring light into a dark space, make it visually larger or make it cozier!
The following article will present you some valuable advice on the selection of lighting, colors and architectural solutions.

What lighting will be the best?

As the so-called blind kitchen is devoid of natural light, the lighting we choose will play an even more important role than usual. It should be very well-thought-out and definitely multi-sourced.
A great solution would be, for example, a combination of a ceiling lamp with wall sconces, halogen fittings and LED strips.
Tip: You can hide the LED strips just above the countertop or under the cornices of the kitchen cabinets – it will give your arrangement a multidimensionality and will definitely brighten the room up.

What colors should you go for?

In a small, dark room, it is very critical to select the right colors. In a kitchen without a window, it would undoubtedly be a bad idea to choose black, navy blue or anthracite. However, it would be right to use light, subtle shades – e.g., vanilla, off-white, ivory, beige or recently fashionable gray tones. Natural wood will also work great in that kind of a kitchen space. The fronts of kitchen furniture should be slightly shiny, allowing the gentle light reflection.
It may also be a good idea to cover some of the walls with bright, shiny tiles. It will give the kitchen arrangement an interesting depth, and in addition, it will look much brighter than it really is. You can also opt for fashionable glazing or chrome surfaces. In a kitchen that does not have windows, it is worth giving up dark wood elements – such solutions are mainly dedicated to larger interiors full of light.


For the lack of a window in the kitchen, designers have one more trick up their sleeve. A mirror! Ideally, it should be a bigger one. If you like extravagant solutions, you can even choose a mirror that covers the entire wall. The mirror surface beautifully reflects the light, so the room will become optically larger. If you want to decide on another solution, you can install mirror fronts.
TIP: A mirror without a frame is a completely neutral accessory, and thus complements any possible arrangement, regardless of the style in which it is kept.

How about demolishing something?

If your kitchen without a window is adjacent to the living room, you can consider demolishing a part of the partition wall – contrary to appearances, such a solution is not very invasive and is not very expensive. The lack of a partition wall will make the space brighter, but above all, larger, and also allow the use of designer solutions (e.g., a kitchen island or a bar). A living room with a kitchenette is a very fashionable solution, but if you prefer another solution, you can put it on a glass or glass wall.

A kitchen in a room without a window does not have to be a problem at all! It is an interior with potential that must be properly used, without being afraid of bold solutions. The kitchen will then take on an individual character and, most importantly, shine.