On the Internet, magazines and guides you can find a lot of information about arranging a kitchen in a given style. So if you want your kitchen to be decorated in a just classic, modern or Scandinavian style, you will have no problem finding inspiration and advice.
But what if you want to decorate your kitchen in your own style?

Don’t be afraid to combine different interior trends!

My apartment is decorated in a vintage style, which I combined with retro and cottage style. My previous kitchen was decorated in a modern style, which did not match the rest of my flat. Together with the Stolkar brand, I created a kitchen that fits not only to the rest of my apartment, but above all, me! If you decide on a custom-made kitchen, you don’t have to think in a conventional way – you can boldly combine elements from different styles and create your own unique design.

Choose the kitchen layout according to the room!

Think about whether it will be an open or closed kitchen? If open, how will you connect or separate the work and relaxation areas? In the case of open kitchens, a nice solution may be to separate both zones with a kitchen island, which, physically separating, can visually help you connect both rooms! However, if you don’t want or don’t have the space for an island, you can create cohesion by using similar materials in both parts of the room.

Ask yourself what do you care about most?

I wanted to build a fridge, dishwasher and microwave. It was also important for me to have more shelves. How to know what you want? Check the offers of furniture manufacturers – look at the different types of fronts and their specifications. What countertop will you choose? Do you care about the selected fittings for cabinets? What grips are you interested in?
Get inspired! Look for inspiration on pinterest, instagram or interior design blogs. Search for different styles of kitchen arrangements and see which one speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to combine two styles with each other!

Turn to professionals for help!

In order to visualize well how you want your kitchen to look, it is worth making a kitchen design – discuss your ideas with the designer and wait for the visualization. It will now be easy for you to imagine your kitchen and make any changes. Their experience is also invaluable – the answer to your questions and arrangement advice is at your fingertips!

Once your kitchen furniture is installed, personalise it with selected accessories. You can bet on stylish tableware, cutting boards or decorative cups. The handles are also important. They give the final atmosphere and style. Your way!