Planning and furnishing a kitchen in an apartment intended for a student is a very specific task! Such a kitchen should, of course, be pleasing to the eye and functional, but most of all, cheap.
In this article, you will find valuable tips for decorating a kitchen that meets the above guidelines with a low cost.

The kitchen in a student apartment is usually a small room – which can be a big challenge in terms of arrangement. This requires adjusting the furniture in such a way that it matches the shape of the room, and that the space is used to the maximum, while maintaining full functionality. In this respect, the best solution would be a kitchen unit made to measure – this, however, is associated with higher costs.

Fortunately, kitchen furniture manufacturers will meet even very high requirements. The Stolkar Furniture Factory offers a wide selection of modular furniture, available in many colors, layouts and sizes. Thanks to easy instructions and product descriptions, you can easily choose the color, size and model. You can also easily install such kitchen furniture yourself! However, if you want to consult, or have any questions, please contact the designers from the Stolkar Company Showroom. Choosing a good producer is key, because although it is an affordable solution, it must also be durable and easy to use – after all, the kitchen in such an apartment will serve many people!

When it comes to arranging a student kitchen, accessories and finishing of walls and floors are also important. The walls in the kitchen are best painted with special paints designed to finish this room. It is the cheapest, but also aesthetic solution. These paints make the wall resistant to moisture and steam, and are resistant to scrubbing any dirt. The colors should be neutral for easier selection of accessories. Place tiles on the floor as they will be easy to clean.

A well-equipped kitchen in a student apartment will serve many users and will not require a large financial outlay. You will get this effect if you choose a proven manufacturer of kitchen furniture. Check our offer here.