Furniture fronts

We use the highest quality products on the market. Furniture fronts LUXE is the most modern product from the high-gloss disc type. The highest quality materials and patented production process ensure impressive gloss and high scratch resistance. Furniture fronts LUXE meet the highest European standards, they are an ideal material for the production of our furniture. We work with the best.

ADVANTAGES OF furniture fronts LUXE

  • The edges of the fronts are veneered * one - or two-color PVC rim, which enhances the depth of gloss effect, -giving the surface of the glass pane
  • Surface of the front reaches the gloss of the highest on the market - 90GU!
  • Resistance to the action of food products (olive oil, cola, red wine, coffee, tea and milk)
  • Humidity Resistance (85%) and high temperature
  • Resistance to light ksenowe- degree 5. Meets UNE 56 483
  • Scratch resistance - classification (7,65N). Complies with the standard UNE-EN 438-2
  • Possibility of regeneration
  • The board surface is protected by a protective film

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Furniture fronts LUXE and SYNCRON are the perfect material for interior designers and architects. The collection is made of UNI colors, wood-like decors and fancy decors that set trends for the coming years.

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