Can it be successful?

Arranging a functional kitchen in the attic is not an easy task. When designing furniture, there are many aspects to consider that are not so important in other circumstances. Of course, each attic is different, but the problems we may encounter are the same.

Different angles of the roof inclination in combination with the limited space of the room make it the best kitchen furniture made “to measure” our interior, that is, simply to size. Thanks to this, we will be able to make maximum use of the space that is very limited in the attic kitchen. Of course, we can choose ready-made modular furniture, but it is worth taking into account that the possibilities of arranging the space will be very limited. Not everyone is aware that manufacturers of modular furniture often allow the possibility of introducing specific modifications in ready-made sets that they offer to their customers. It’s good to know that in the case of a kitchen with a slant, we are not stuck with the services of a local carpenter.

When planning an attic kitchen, it is worth considering the comfort of using the worktops placed at an angle. Persons standing in the work space may be exposed to hitting their head against the slant of the wall. Therefore, a much better solution than a countertop will be built-in slanting cabinets. And here you can consider those with sliding doors that will make it easier for us to access their content.

The slant is also a limitation when it comes to equipping the kitchen with the necessary household appliances. A free-standing cooker or a hob require a hood above them, which is not possible in the case of an inclined wall. The case is similar with the refrigerator – before choosing the model, you should determine the place where it could stand. As you can see, the way our new furniture is arranged is not without significance.

In the attic kitchen, adequate lighting of the room is also very important. In newer buildings, rooms in the attic have skylights. This is a good solution, thanks to which a large amount of daylight provides us with comfortable work during the day without the need to illuminate the space. The advantages of roof windows are not only related to interior lighting, but also to its proper ventilation. If we have classic windows in the room planned for the kitchen, we can easily create a corner with a table under the window or another storage space in the kitchen.

The final look of our kitchen, of course, depends on our own preferences. However, if we do not have a ready vision in mind, it is worth paying special attention to furniture in bright colors, which will additionally illuminate the interior and optically enlarge it. A room with bright furniture will look great both in a modern and more classic style. If you like the loft style – you can consider using it in the kitchen. It is important that the kitchen concept does not differ visually from the style used in the other rooms.

The attic kitchen is still a very popular solution. The design of the kitchen, although it may seem beyond our strength at first, is feasible. In all this mess, however, it is worth remembering that we design kitchens for us and we know best what our and our family’s needs are.